Sunday, July 10, 2011

AWESOME! - Thanks Joe - Enjoy Your Family's Memories on Archival DVD's.

Joe R. from Ringoes


I had given up on trying to transfer my own VHS tapes to DVDs using store bought VHS/DVD recorder combos, so I figured I would give a professional a try to see if the results were any better. If found Dan on the internet and gave him several 25+ year old VHS tapes to transfer for me. Not only were his prices reasonable, and saved me hours of time trying to do the duplications myself, but he exceeded expectations by turning around the entire job in less than a week. My wife and I put one on the DVDs on for our kids I to watch tonight. OMG -- we were howling for hours. Not only were we both skinny with dark hair back then, but everything seemed so, so hokey. The fashions, the cars, the hair styles.... our kids were screaming with laughter seeing these priceless images. I will be bringing Dan the rest of our old home video library to preserve for us on DVD. These will make a wonder Christmas surprise for the entire family. Dan's the man!! Thanks for a wonderful product.

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