Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Neighborhood News – Just4Pooches – Cranford N.J.

Welcome to episode 2 of Neighborhood News. At Just4Pooches pet boutique in Cranford, dogs are treated like kings. Owner Lynne Suga-Rafanelli makes sure that every visitor to her shop receives personal attention. She is always available to answer any questions about pet nutrition, care, and grooming, and her shop features a vast array of dog necessities and luxuries.
Lynne welcomes her customers to bring their dogs into the shop for a visit, and is happy to assist with the selection of toys, leashes and collars, and even cute raincoats and sweaters.  Her in depth knowledge of dog nutrition is a valued resource, and her clients find her input and advice to be so important for the well being of their dogs.
Suga-Rafanelli said while many people come into the store knowing what they want, a gift certicate can be a wonderful option. The shop will wrap up the gift certificate in adorable packaging, and you can choose from  a huge selection of smaller treats to accompany it, such as Bark Bars.  These treats look like giant pieces of holiday candy, gingerbread men, candy canes, and snowmen. Just perfect for the holiday season!
Located at 8 North Union Ave in Downtown Cranford New Jersey, Just4Pooches is the perfect pet boutique for people who love their dogs.

Business Boosting Videos by Home Video Studio

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Archive your mobile videos on a Platinum DVD with Home Video Studio

Archive your mobile videos on a Platinum DVD with Home Video Studio

We all know that when you and your family get together with friends over the holidays you will enjoy watching those old home movies and tapes. Many of you have had us put your tapes and movies on a Platinum Archival DVD which makes it really easy and fun. 

We also know we're now in the digital media age. Here's a question: Do you know where your precious memories from this year's holiday events are?

You took that cool video of the kids on your iPhone. You snapped the perfect picture on your digital camera. You shot precious video footage of Grandpa on your flip camera. Now where are they? Still sitting in your phone? On a camera in your glove box? On your computer? Most likely everything you shot or filmed during the holidays is in danger (just a click or crash away) from being destroyed, stolen or lost because the digital age is also the dangerous age - for our memories. Don't let them become "Dust in the Wind!"

Did you know that if your phone gets wet or dropped those memories may be lost forever?! Sometimes they can be retrieved, but often they cannot! What if your digital camera or flip camera gets stolen or lost? What if your laptop hard drive crashes?

DON'T LOSE YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES! Home Video Studio can back up the pictures and videos from all of your portable devices on a Platinum 100 Year Archival DVD! We can back up your lap top as well. Be a saver of your family's archives! Don't wait till your mobile device is dropped or stolen. If you lose your phone you lose your memories.

Plus Home Video Studio's archival process offers easy access to your pictures and videos for printing, posting (Facebook/youtube/etc.) or just viewing with friends and family on your PC or DVD.
It's a great age we live in - the digital age! Digital cameras and smart phones make documenting the important things in your life easy and rewarding - Home Video Studio makes protecting those memories a cinch with our Platinum Archival DVDs!

It's also a great time to relive your older memories with friends and family. Home Video Studio makes projecting those memories really easy! Ask about putting your old movies, videotapes and photos into a Lifetime DVD Keepsake with music and titles today! 

We're only a click or call away. 

We're only a call away.

We're right around the corner.
943 Carleton Road, Westfield, NJ

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

They are wonderful and they will be a great Christmas Present...

Video Services
Jeanette from Westfield

I asked Dan to take very old, but important 

Betamax videos and turn them into DVD's. 
They are wonderful and 
they will be a great 
Christmas Present. 

After my intial inquiry Dan got back to 
me immediately and had the 
videos transferred 
within a couple of days. 
I thought his prices 
were excellent. 
Thanks Dan!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Business Boosting Videos by Home Video Studio

Neighborhood News. Episode 1 – Breadsmith of Cranford NJ

Welcome to the first episode of our new series, “Neighborhood News”. 

The owners of Breadsmith, Kathy Vastola and Paul Cavanaugh are  a husband and wife team who spent many years as biochemists. They realized their dream of owning their own business by purchasing New Jersey’s first Breadsmith franchise in 2007. There are more than 30 nationwide. The shop, which is more like a small town bakery than a franchise store, offers more than 20 product varieties daily. Kathy has recipes for more than 200. Each day she and her staff prepare the staples, such as French Peasant loaf, Country White, etc. They also craft specialty breads that are more like a delicious dessert than a bread. My personal favorites are the chocolate chip pumpkin loaf and the apple pie loaf. Don’t forget the Cinnamon claws!
All of the artisan breads are made fresh.
Breadsmith specializes in handcrafted artisan breads made fresh from scratch using the highest quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Our dough is never frozen and our breads are baked in six-ton, stone-hearth ovens imported from Europe. We also make specialty breads and a wide range of cookies, muffins and sweets.”
The Breadsmith also will prepare trays of desserts breads artfully arranged for your parties and gatherings. I personally purchase these trays for my Open Houses. People LOVE the breads, and I enjoy sharing these yummy treats!
Stop in and visit Breadsmith of Cranford New Jersey and enjoy the tastes and smells of this wonderful shop! Let them know you heard about it here!
The Breadsmith is located at 32 North Ave  908-276-2155
Hours: Tue-Fri: 7am-7pm, Sat: 7am-5pm, Sun: 7am-4pm, Mon: Closed
Stay tuned for our next “Neighborhood News” episode, coming very soon!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I rate this A++. Thanks Dan for helping my family preserve 4 generations of great memories!!

Home Movie Transfer
Joe from Hunterdon
If you have old 8mm family movies
deteriorating away in the closet,
you owe it yourself and
your family to put them on DVD now,
before it is too late.

I brought Dan 20 years worth
of celluloid from the 50's, 60's
and 70's that I no longer had
a way to view or enjoy.
He and his tech had a monumental
task but did an absolutely
FABULOUS job of digitizing
them, color balancing, adding
music and putting them on a set
of archival DVDs
that I can now play over and over as
easy as watching TV.

When Dan says
that he strives for 100% customer
satsifaction he really means it.
The opportunity for my children and
my neices/nephews to see their
parents, grandparents, and
having fun from more than a half century
ago is PRICELESS. If you have any doubt
call Dan, talk with him, ask questions.
I guarantee that you will not be
disappointed with his professionalism
and the quality of
what you will get for your money.

I rate this A++. Thanks Dan for helping
my family preserve 4 generations of
great memories!!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I wanted to switch over my wedding and home videos for the longest time...

11/30/2011 Home Movie Transfer
Kristy from Scotch Plains

I wanted to switch over my wedding and home videos for the longest time and didn't know where to turn. Once I met Dan I was so thrilled with his professionalism, pricing and fast turnaround. My family and I have been enjoying the videos! Thanks Dan

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Our old VCR home movies were sitting in boxes for years.

Home Movie Transfer
Sharon Goldner from Westfield, NJ 07090
Our old VCR home movies were sitting in boxes for years.

I brought them to Dan in time to get the new DVDs back
by Thanksgiving.

It provided so much intertainment for
the whole family and proved to be a good investment.

Then I went to my closets and looked for more recordings
to transfer!

Thank you for your good service!

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