Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let Home Video Studio spice up your video!

Let Home Video Studio spice up your video!
Does your video need polish? We can help!
Video editing is an art in itself! Like a finely prepared meal your video's success lies largely in its presentation. Our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment can help you deliver your intended message concisely and with impact: Does your business presentation need pizzazz? Does your event video need to tell the story of a wonderful evening? Does your training video need to articulate important points? Does your wedding need just the right touches?The proliferation of very good consumer video cameras has given everyone the power to shoot high quality video these days - whether you are documenting a business presentation, video taping an event for your organization or church, making a training video or even shooting a wedding. Now that you've carefully shot that outstanding video let us partner with you to polish it up and present it on a silver platter.
Here are some of the ways we can help you:
Editing: Your video needs to be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain interest. Our editing software and expertise will assure this.
Music: Well-placed music is one of the most powerful things your video can have.
Graphics: Whether it's your company logo, charts and graphs or bullet points to articulate something important the power to incorporate these are at your fingertips.
Still shots: Will pictures inserted into your video help you with your message? Special effects: Motion graphics, slow motion, video transitions, still frames, zooming you name it! Whatever your creative mind can imagine we can most likely achieve.
Call us today and let's talk about adding some spice to that video footage!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Kind of Camcorder Should I Buy?

Good news video enthusiasts! It's a buyer's market in the consumer camcorder world. Today's models are smaller, lighter and more affordable than ever - yet capture your most precious moments with more quality than ever before. Here are some of the latest types of camcorders available:Pocket Camcorders: Many of us just want to point and shoot!
  • Flash based
  • Low cost
  • Good quality for the money
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy transfer to your computer
  • Not a lot of memory
  • Small lenses, file compression, and lack of manual controls means not as high quality as more expensive cameras
HD Consumer Camcorders: A little better video quality and a few more options
  • Internal hard drive based
  • Better HD video quality than pocket camcorder
  • Larger than pocket camera
  • Portable, reasonably priced and easy to use
  • Some include SD card slot for removable media
  • More memory, bigger lenses and sensors
HD Prosumer Camcorders: When your ready for the next step
  • Higher quality components assure higher quality video
  • Many more manual controls
  • Larger
  • More accommodation for good audio recording
  • Many accommodate MiniDV tape in addition to removable flash
Video-Capable Digital SLRs: A camera and camcorder in one!
  • A still camera that shoots professional quality HD video
  • Not as bulky as a video camera
  • Rather expensive
Choosing the right camcorder depends on your ultimate interests in recording. If convenience is your main interest you might look at a simple Flash based camcorder. They are lightweight and portable and are inexpensive, however the storage space tops out much quicker than an an Internal Hard Drive based camera. If massive storage is your concern the Hard Drive based camera offers that. But you might sacrifice size and convenience.
Here are a few more tips to consider:
Check out the LCD screen in daylight:You want to see what your doing.
For longer recording times, buy an extra, higher-capacity battery: Nothing's more frustrating than losing a shot because you ran out of juice.
Try out the camera's controls before you buy: You want to like working with your camera!