Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We all have a small business story to tell.  Here’s a simple 5-step process in order to use your story to add power and pizazz to your marketing: BTW: Video is the media to tell your story!
1) Discover the personal story hidden behind your business.
Why did you start your business? What problems are you trying to eliminate? What hurdles did you need to overcome.
2) Tell your story authentically and with passion.
Obviously, your story needs to be a true rendition of what you personally experienced as a small business owner. If you are passionate about your story, your prospects will be passionate about your story.
3) Connect your story to your prospect’s pain points.
It’s vital that your story zeroes in on the problems that your prospects are currently facing. Your story should create an immediate and lasting bond between you and your prospects.
4) Show them the solution.
It’s important that once you connect to your prospect’s pain, that you immediately show them how to alleviate this pain. Show them that you have personally discovered the solution and, as a result, your problem has been solved.
5) Convince them to take action.
Once you share your story, what do you want your prospects to do? Should they call a 1-800 number? Visit your website for more information? Or make a purchase? Each time you share your story, make it incredibly easy for your prospect to take the next step.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dan Weiniger Leaves Rat Race of High Finance for High Tech!

Dan Weiniger has worked in high finance at the American Stock Exchange, in high calories as the owner of two ice cream shops and now in high tech as a Home Video Studio owner.Obviously, Dan isn’t afraid of heights – and his daily discipline to move his business upward is paying off.That’s why Dan Weiniger is April’s Studio Owner of the Month.
Dan, like many of our studio owners, came to Home Video Studio by way of his love for photography and video as a hobby while working in a different field. Although he grew up in New Jersey Weiniger got a degree in finance from Arizona State University and soon found himself owning a seat in the bustling environs of Wall Street and later on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. How cool is that? Just like the movie Trading Places!
“It was cool,” says Weiniger, “but it was very hectic and, like any other business, a trend started where smaller margins and larger operating costs were making it harder for me to squeeze out a profit and I began to wonder if it was worth it for me.”
Dan’s natural entrepreneurial instincts kicked in another cool direction – literally – and he decided to own and operate a couple of ice cream stores is Florida. But alas, Dan’s financial muse called him back to the business of selling for Northwestern Mutual Life.
Soon after Dan met his wife Jan and they found themselves back in New Jersey and, after the adoption of their daughter, Dan settled in to be a stay-at-home dad and enjoy his family.
As life sometimes goes, however, there was a curve in the plan. Dan found out that he had congestive heart failure and had suffered a heart attack without even knowing it. Upon recovery he made the decision that there would be a few changes in his life. His abiding love of video and photography caused him to enroll in a class in visual communications.
It was in this class that Dan met Pete Gallo, who was in the video services business, was enjoying it and was making good money at home. Pete, one of our very successful studio owners, told Dan about Home Video Studio and soon Dan was on the road to studio ownership.
“I went to Show-N-Tell feeling good about this business,” says Weiniger. “I got a good vibe from Robert’s humility and from the energy of the studio owners that I talked to.”
Dan is now in his eighth month as an owner. His daily diligence, his creativity, his customer service skills, his drive and his sales skills all fuel the stuff that make for a good Home Video Studio owner.
“I like running a successful business and I like being home with my family,” says Weiniger, “that’s why this is a perfect fit for me!”

Monday, July 8, 2013

Israel Dreams

Don't let your family's ‎#memories fade away forever. Transfer your family memories from videotapefilmslides, and photos to an ‎archivalDVDs, or take this summers photos and videos and we'll create and wonderful photo ‎#montage your family will treasure for a lifetime! 
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