Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We all have a small business story to tell.  Here’s a simple 5-step process in order to use your story to add power and pizazz to your marketing: BTW: Video is the media to tell your story!
1) Discover the personal story hidden behind your business.
Why did you start your business? What problems are you trying to eliminate? What hurdles did you need to overcome.
2) Tell your story authentically and with passion.
Obviously, your story needs to be a true rendition of what you personally experienced as a small business owner. If you are passionate about your story, your prospects will be passionate about your story.
3) Connect your story to your prospect’s pain points.
It’s vital that your story zeroes in on the problems that your prospects are currently facing. Your story should create an immediate and lasting bond between you and your prospects.
4) Show them the solution.
It’s important that once you connect to your prospect’s pain, that you immediately show them how to alleviate this pain. Show them that you have personally discovered the solution and, as a result, your problem has been solved.
5) Convince them to take action.
Once you share your story, what do you want your prospects to do? Should they call a 1-800 number? Visit your website for more information? Or make a purchase? Each time you share your story, make it incredibly easy for your prospect to take the next step.

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