Monday, June 18, 2012

HVS Top Five Vacation Video Tips
Summer vacation is such a great time to shoot video of your family. Here are five tips to make your family memories the best!

#5 - Shoot lots of candid video
You don't have to herd everyone into a group shot while they wave and say "cheese"! Much more interesting is shooting candid videos of your subjects living real life.

#4 - Get plenty of footage to edit
Your video camera is not a still camera. Keep it rolling for awhile rather than just getting small snippets. You never know what someone might say or do that will make your scene.

#3 - Let the scenery speak for itself
Don't forget to establish the setting. Let the scenery be the star of your video once in a while as well.

#2 - Use video shorthand to document moments
This is where you can really get creative. Instead of your subject saying, "We're in the hotel room because it's raining" you might show rain dripping off the roof. Instead of saying (off camera) "Boy, it's sure hot today!" show a quick moment of a man with his shirt wrapped around his head, or a bottle sweating in the sun.

#1 - Make it fun
Family videos are about fun and precious memories that will be enjoyed for years. If your subjects are having fun it will be fun to watch!

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Digital Video Services
- Stacey McDermott from Westfield
I am a teacher in Westfield, and usually around this time I scramble
around last minute trying to put together a DVD for each of my
students as an end-of-the-year gift.

Not this year! When I heard about Home Video Studios from a
colleague I immediately e-mailed Dan about my project. He got
right back to me and even stopped by my classroom to finalize details.

I had just recently purchased an iflip video camera and was
apprehensive about using it correctly-Dan helped me out on all fronts.
The day after giving him my video, I had a bag of 23 DVDs delivered
to my classroom- complete with a picture of my class on the disc itself.

I told Dan, "I hope you don't mind when you get an e-mail from
me EVERY year around this time!" I would recommend
Home Video Studios to all my friends, colleagues, and family
members. Thanks!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrate Christmas in July with DVDs
Dad's mowing the lawn. Mom's packing for a camping trip. The kids are splashing in the pool. For smart shoppers it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!Announcing Home Video Studio's 'Christmas in July' early bird special! Call us today to see what specials we're offering for the summer yuletide. You, Home Video Studio and Christmas in July are made for each other. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Savings! Our Christmas in July specials are some of the best discounts we offer all year! Call us today to find out how you can save.
  • Stretch your Holiday budget! We are offering the same quality service at discounted rates. Beat the Holiday rush and save!
  • Peace of Mind. Avoid the last minute stress.
  • You will be a hero! Video gifts are a unique idea. Call us now and give yourself the time to really do it right. You and your family are worth it!
  • You need time to be creative! Some of your material might be scattered across the country. Where's that one photo you always loved? Maybe across the continent. Where are those old movies? In Brother Billy's basement? Or was it Aunt Ada's attic? Now is the time to start locating the precious memories that you need to make your project the very best!
  • Beat the Holiday crowds! Once your project is complete an extra copy is a phone call away! No lines at the mall!!
  • You'll have fun! What's more fun than precious memories of your family?
  • Thinking about Christmas during the summer keeps you cool!
  • Did we mention huge Christmas in July savings?

Need a little help deciding what you want to create? We composed The Twelve Christmas in July gift ideas just for you: (This may be sung to The Twelve Days of Christmas)
  1. VHS Video Tapes to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  2. 8mm Video Tapes to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  3. Mini DV Video Tapes to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  4. BETA Video Tapes to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  5. Super8 Film to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  6. 8mm Film to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  7. 16mm Film to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  8. Any Video Tape to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  9. Photos with music and titles to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  10. Old 35mm Slides to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  11. DVDs to an Archival Platinum DVD!
  12. Audio Tape to an Archival Platinum DVD!
Oh, don't forget, we also have gift certificates good for any of our products or services!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show 'N Tell in Vegas!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Baseball and Softball Academy

Hey Guys, Check Out D-BAT Mountainside they are a Baseball and Softball Academy specializes in baseball and softball training in an indoor, climate-controlled space.

Training is available for children and adults of all skill levels.

The facility, which spreads over 20,000 square feet includes (5) dual baseball/softball pitching machines, (8) instruction/rental cages, (2) separate turf areas for general usage and a fully stocked retail pro shop.
Located at:

Home Video Studio - Westfield is a proud Banner Sponsor of D-Bats of Mountainside and can be reached for a wide variety of video services at 908-301-9300