Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HVS' Top Five Things to do with your Digital Photos

1. Get them off of your memory card or camera memory. 
It's too easy to lose your precious photos 

if you keep them on your camera. 
Download them to your computer. 
(or maybe two computers) or a hard drive.

2. Organize and name them. 
In the future you will be glad you took 

the time now to organize your photos. 
Do it anyway you decide to 
(e.g. 2010 >Vacations>Disneyworld) 
but years from now you'll be glad your 
photos aren't just numbers.

3. Keep original unedited photos. 
Always save the unedited versions of your photos as your 

archived source photo.

4. Archive them to CD or DVD. 
This is where you can really protect your memories. 

If they are on disc you can store them in a variety of places, 
such as a safety deposit box.

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