Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hands down the best and most honest editing facility...

Video Editing - August 1, 2011
Sara Intesar from Green Brooke

In an emergency I needed to get a reel together for a particular audition.
I found Dan's website randomly through google...and God am I grateful!
Not only did he extend his studio time for me, but did such a thorough
and meticulous job, up to every second of footage - just the way I
had it in my mind. He edited my work better than I had expected
everything to go, and added his own artistic opinion and detail to it.
Hands down the best and most honest editing facility on this side of
New Jersey...I am so grateful to Home Video Studio's services of
being there in my hour of need. You really saved the day.
Thank you Dan! You are awesome :).

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