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Does your organization's video captivate, stimulate, and communicate?

Does your organization's video captivate, stimulate, and communicate?
Lloyd Brown built his business on quality and customer service. When he wanted to tell his story he found a video company that spoke his language."I want to make a video about our business that communicates the quality of our work, and then post it on our website." said Brown, Owner of Brown Restoration in Belton Missouri when he called Home Video Studio (HVS). As Lloyd explained the project, it became obvious this was to be a cut above the ordinary video of people working, buildings, and products. This had to be done in a private home with limited time, and fast turnaround. The project was shot in less than 2 days including the interviews with the home owner and Lloyd Brown, then edited and uploaded to his site (
The outcome was just what Lloyd was looking for. A personable and yet powerful message about the company, the project, and the quality of the work Brown Restoration delivers on every job. As Lloyd said: "I was reasonably certain Home Video Studio would do a good job, but we (including the home owner), were simply amazed at the care used in capturing the initial footage and the final quality of this video within the fast turn around time frame. I'd recommend Home Video Studio to anyone needing professional level videography and excellent results."
The link to view the video on Brown Restorations web site is:
What's the HVS formula for business/organizational videos?
When asked about the video projects most HVS locations are involved with, HVS Founder Robert Hanley had this to say: "A lot of the videos we shoot are done in what we call documentary style. -- We shoot some video of the company, their building, people, machines, methods, interviews, etc and then edit it together with some motion graphics, titles, special effects, etc., letting the images we shoot influence the context of the video. This makes for a great end result.
When we start a project, we first ask our client one question: 'Who is the intended viewer of this video and what action do they want the viewer to take after they have watched the video.' For example if it is a Church fund raiser, the action might be for the viewer to have a good feeling about the church and then donate to the church. Or it could be for the viewer to have a better understanding of how the church has been operating and what results they are bringing into the community.
For more of a corporate video, the action asked of a viewer might be to buy the widget that the company makes -- or want to buy it, or be primed for a sales pitch from the company, or have a nice feeling about the company, or all of those things.
The typical video of this nature is 3 to 5 minutes, but some times more. In general these videos should be as short as possible in order to accomplish their mission . . . to get the viewer to take action.
We can produce a new video from most existing video our clients have shot in their showroom or factory with their own camera or we can shoot the whole thing. We also use their existing still images, logos, and archived media.
The final product can deliver on DVD and/or to their website."
Every organization today wants to communicate an effective message to their intended audience. All Home Video Studios have extensive experience working with business, corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. If your company or organization needs to update an older video or create a new web video, showcasing your latest project or service, then please call Home Video Studio and arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and just what it takes to deliver your message to inspire, captivate, stimulate, and communicate with your intended audience.

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