Monday, April 15, 2013

Mother's Day 
 "M is for the many things she gave me..."

  Mom has always found special ways to say "I love you" and now you can repay her in a way that's unique and powerful. A PhotoVideo Keepsake of images and music will make her day a masterpiece! Unique. Personal. Powerful. And it lasts a lifetime.
  Love and appreciation brings out the creative soul in all of us. How about a special video just for mom? Write a poem and record it. Get the family together and just pass around the microphone. Do anything that's on your heart. A few simple edits and additions in the studio will make it really special.
What about all those videos that are laying around on old formats like VHS, 8mm and mini DV's? Why not organize them into a beautiful DVD album that is both attractive and convenient. Plus our Plantinum Archival DVD's are rated to last one hundred years.

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