Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Westfield Home Video Studio Wins Hanley Awards
Westfield, New JerseyHome Video Studio, Westfield was nominated for 12 Hanley awards given out for excellence in video editing and productions, and came home with its third and fourth Hanley, and the prestigious Relationship Mindset Achievement Award at the 12th annual Home Video Studio (HVS) Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in July.
The Hanley Awards, HVS' version of the Oscars, recognizes high achievement by studio owners in the video and movie industry. Home Video Studio is the largest international video production services franchise with studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden. The Hanleys are named after Robert Hanley, the founder and president of Home Video Studio.
Of the 12 awards that Westfield’s HVS owner, Dan Weiniger was nominated for, he won for Best Studio Promo and Best Open House, in addition to the Relationship Mindset Achievement award. That award is given to the HVS owner who most effectively incorporates relationship strategies like collaboration and aligning with community-based organizations to help other community businesses grow.
Last year, Weiniger won Rookie of the Year award and the first ever Social Media Marketing award.
"As a locally owned company owner who takes immense pride in my company’s work, I am excited to see our videos recognized by our industry peers," says Weiniger. "We always strive to provide the best service and the best quality work for our customers, and it's gratifying to know that other professional video studio owners notice this as well."
In addition to being an honored guest at the gala black-tie Hanley Awards ceremony, Weiniger participated in video production training in lighting, audio, camera techniques and video editing at the Home Video Studio Getaway Convention. Weiniger uses Apple's Final Cut Pro (tm) and DVD Studio Pro (tm) along with other video and graphic software programs to ensure the highest quality of work performed. This is the same technology used in the making of Hollywood movies and network television shows.
Weiniger’s Home Video Studio in Westfield provides 27 different types of professional video services. These include video-to-DVD transfers, photo/video montage keepsakes, home movie transfers, videotape duplication, video editing, legal video services, and sports or music scholarship videos.
To contact Home Video Studio – Westfield, NJ call 908-301-9300. For more information visit the HVS Westfield website at Here:

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