Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Xin Xin is one of several great kids waiting for a forever family!

 Gladney Center for Adoption
 光 明
 Gladney's Guang Ming Star! 
Xin Xin 1
Xin Xin, age 7 
"Xin Xin is a sweet girl who I met at the foster care station in Shanghai. She enjoys bike riding and reading. She also likes to play with Barbies and enjoys pretty clothes as well. She likes school and Art is her favorite class. She was mature for her age and answered all my questions, pausing for thought to give the best response. She also told me she liked to go into Shanghai for the peach blossom festival.   When I asked her what she liked to read, she was reading a book that answered questions about why things happen, this one was about science facts. Xin Xin is a sweet, pretty girl who is anxious to learn English and find a forever family."

~ Pat Marcus, Pediatric Physical Therapist

 Videos from Pat's visit with Xin Xin are also available!

  Xin Xin 2 Xin Xin 3
Xin Xin enjoying the playground!

 ** Gladney is looking for a family for Xin Xin who has a Log-In Date (LID) with China to move forward quickly!  Please contact April Uduhiri atapril.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information. **

Xin Xin is one of several great kids waiting for a forever family!  For more information about Gladney's China Waiting Child program please contact Asia Program Caseworker, April Uduhiri or visit our blog for more information. 

Gladney Center for Adoption
光 明 Guang Ming/Waiting Child Program
The Chinese characters, Guang ("light" or "bright") and Ming ("bright", "clear") together portray the meaning of a bright future and are also used to refer to someone who is promising and who has great potential. We feel these words capture the essence of our mission at Gladney and our hopes for the children.

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