Monday, May 23, 2011

Here are the FACTS! - Video Preservation:

Facts About VHS, VHS-C, Beta, MiniDV,Hi8,  8mm, and Videotape Preservation.

  Video tape rewinding - should always be either totally rewound or totally fast forwarded when being stored.
  Video tape storage should be in a reasonable temperature range with little variation, dark, and with low humidity.
  Video tape storage - should be stored upright, like books in a book case. It is best to keep tapes in plastic cases in order to minimize exposure to dust.
  Videotape preservation - the overall life is limited. There are no definite numbers, but tape life is estimated from 10-30 years depending on storage conditions. Degradation of the image and sound is worse the longer a tape has been in existence.
  Video degradation happens. Symptoms of video degradation are static, snow, color loss, general distortion, ghost images, and possibly a total loss of the video. Some of these symptoms can be remedied if the tape is transferred soon enough, but once loss occurs to the source tape, it is permanent.
  Videotape transfer, properly done, can save a lot of video/audio and accomplish amazing things. However, the transfer capabilities are limited by the source quality. So the sooner, the better.
Video equipment quality varies greatly. There really IS a difference between consumer video, prosumer video, and professional video equipment.

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