Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Video Studio’s Top Five Love Stories

Why do we enjoy a good romantic movie? Could it be because the story of love and the glory of love translates so well on the silver screen? Here are our top five love stories of all time:

So, you meet your soulmate (by chance) on a big ocean liner. Then, hours later the boat sinks. Love transcends tragedy! 

You meet your soulmate, but she lived decades before you did. So you go back in time to be with her. Love transcends time! 

Of all the gin joints in all the world your former lover walks into yours...and it happens to be in Morocco. Love transcends politics and war! 

Lovers cross states of being to be with each other. Love transcends physical bounds!

Lovers battle memory loss and old age to be together. Love transcends all! 

Photo Video Keepsakes ™

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They are fantastic not only for Valentine's Day but anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, reunions and other special get-togethers. Let Home Video Studio help you make these extraordinary Photo Video Keepsakes" !

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