Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Should I Know About Using My Laptop In Hot Weather?

The hot weather has arrived.  It was 103 yesterday! Dealing with the heat can effect many different areas of your life.  One you might not have thought of is your laptop computer.  For those of us who depend on technology and our computers for our daily jobs it's something to consider.  The heat can have a devastating impact on your computer, just as it can have on people, pets, and other things.  Fortunately there are some practical steps you can take to care for your laptop and keep it fully functioning, even when the temperature hits triple digits.  Below are links to several articles that contain useful tips for caring for  your laptop in hot weather.  Each article seems to agree on the main elements for keeping your laptop safe when the mercury rises.

1. Don't leave your laptop out in a hot car.
2. Don't leave your laptop in direct sunlight.
3. Beware of temperature changes, i.e. going from air conditioned office to out of doors. Give your
    computer some time to adjust to the change.
4. Back-up your data. This is important all of the time - but doubly so in hot weather. Having a portable
    hard drive that you can unplug and carry with you is a great idea.

The articles:

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