Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduation was made for video and DVD memories
If there was ever a day made for video it's Graduation Day.
Caps and gowns, pomp and circumstance, family and friends
all make for moments to be cherished forever, and
Home Video Studio can help you every step of the way
to make sure your grad's special day gives them the honor
they deserve! The centerpiece of this landmark day should
be a Photo Video Keepsake. Imagine celebrating your
graduate's life in one powerful presentation of pictures,
videos and special songs.
Is there a better way to present their life from
"Birth to Graduation" on a silver platter?
Most graduation gifts come and go, but this heartfelt
tribute will last a lifetime.

There's still time so call today! Start gathering your
favorite old photos from around the house.
Don't forget about photos and videos that may
be stored in your cell phone, hard drive camera
and memory cards. You'll want images from school,
church and dance recitals. Maybe you want to mix in
video from birthdays, vacation and Little League.
What about certificates, ribbons or that "straight A"
report card? We'll help you blend it all together with music,
 titles and effects to make a DVD that will be enjoyed by all
and never forgotten!

Of course you will record the Graduation Ceremony with
your video camera. This is the culmination of many years
of hard work so don't take a chance on losing it!
Get it transferred to DVD right away. We can put it on
an Archival Platinum DVD for convenience (just pop it
in your DVD player to watch anytime) and safety
(Archival Platinum is scratch proof and will last for
a hundred years!) and attractiveness (we will print
a nice label and can also provide a beautiful case wrap).
Plus you can easily have copies made for family and friends.

Now, what about the Graduation Celebration?
A houseful of proud friends and relatives makes
for some great video moments. There will be speeches,
well-wishes, advice, laughter and maybe even a few
proud tears. Why not let us professionally edit the
high points of the day and make a DVD to distribute?
What a way to remember this most special of days!

Give us a call today! 908-301-9300!

Arts, Music, and Entertainment Scholarship Videos

Competition for college scholarship money has become so 
fierce today that students need to have every advantage to 
secure this money. Home Video Studio can help make your 
son or daughter's artistic talents shine.
Similar to HVS' Sports Scholarship Videos, our Arts, Music and 
Entertainment Scholarship videos highlight these student 
achievements. Key moments are featured that are definite 
viewer attention grabbers. These videos could make the 
difference between getting an audition or college scholarship money. 
Don't miss this opportunity. Call Home Video Studio to make 
an appointment today.

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