Friday, March 11, 2011

Event Marketing Through Video Interviews

Video Interviews are a cost efficient and effective way to market your business, yet most companies miss out on great opportunities to produce them.

Millions of dollars are spent by businesses every year hosting, attending, or taking part in events such as trade shows, seminars and conferences.  Most of the time, companies overlook a simple marketing opportunity they can create during these events.  Video Interviews capture the collective knowledge of the industry experts, clients, and suppliers who are already in attendance.  
Video interviews can be used for many things:
1.  Driving traffic to your event website
2.  To send to attendees to remind them of who was there and what was said
3.  To inform industry leaders what is happening in your industry and how important your event is
4.  To portray to others that your event is relative and important to your industry and that they should attend the next one
5.  To show the caliber of people and talent that were at your event
6.  To promote the event for future years
7.  To effectively show others that you are a leader in your industry
The first step to creating a quality Interview Video is hiring a professional video production company, like Home Video Studio – Westfield.  Hiring a professional production team will ensure you end up with a video with high-quality picture, audio and lighting. The second step is to have your event coordinator schedule interview times between your presenters and attendees.  Lastly, you will need to formulate your questions.  You should discuss the questions and interview lengths with your video production team during a pre-production meeting.  Remember to keep your questions informative and on-topic.
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